Revolutionize Your Golf Training

TopTracer Range

At Baviera Golf, we have the TopTracer Range system, a technological revolution that transforms golf practice into an interactive and enriching experience. This advanced system not only allows players to see the trajectory of each shot in real time, but also provides detailed analysis to effectively and enjoyably improve their playing technique. 

What is TopTracer Range?

TopTracer Range uses camera and sensor technology to track the flight of the golf ball from the moment of impact until it lands. This information is displayed on a screen located at the practice bay, providing instant data on speed, launch angle, distance, and more. This level of feedback is invaluable for players of all levels, from beginners to professionals.

Baviera Golf

Benefits of Practicing with TopTracer

Instant Analysis

Every shot you take with TopTracer will give you instant feedback. This information is crucial for understanding and improving key elements of your golf technique.

Games and Competitions

TopTracer offers several game modes that make practice more entertaining. From precision challenges to games that simulate famous golf courses, there's something for every type of golfer.

Progress Tracking

With TopTracer, you can track your progress over time, setting and achieving clear goals that will motivate you to keep practicing and improving.

Photo by Louis Endelicher
Photo by Gaétan Meyer
Photo by Mateus Campos Felipe
TopTracer Range

Special Features of TopTracer

TopTracer at Baviera Golf features a variety of functions designed to enhance your experience:


Practice Mode

Ideal for working on specific aspects of your game. Progress individually with technical data that will make you analyze every improvement point.


Game Mode

Compete against friends or play solo in virtual replicas of some of the best courses in the world.


Events and Tournaments

Participate in organized events that use TopTracer technology to add a competitive element to your practice.

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