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Adults Academy

Technical and Physical Courses
(Revolution Short & Long System) (My Tpi Fitness y Superspeed Golf)

The RS&LS golf programme is specially designed for golfers of all levels who wish to learn or improve their game quickly while training in a friendly environment. This intensive golf experience is designed for both beginners and advanced players and is geared to the specific needs of the golfer(remember, every player is unique). We will apply the latest golf technology and instruction during the course of the lessons.

* The programme will be personalised, depending on the LEVEL, AGE AND LIMITATIONS of the student.

* WE RECOMMEND. One or two hours a day. Two or three days a week.

* This programme can be slightly modified according to your preferences or the coach's considerations.

* Cancellation policy 24 hours in advance in case of class cancellation. If the class is not informed, it must be paid for.

Adult Academy

Technical Golf Courses

Revolution Short Game System Plans
  • Technical Assessment & Putting Green Practice.
  • Fundamentals & Jasmes Sieckmann Test.
  • Drills.
  • Simulations of short game on the Putting Green.
  • Technical Reports.
Revolution Long Game System Plans
  • Technical & Practical Evaluation.
  • Basics & BioSwing Test.
  • Drills.
  • Field Trips for knowledge transfer.
  • Technical Reports.
Adult Academy

Physical Golf Courses

My TPI Fitness Development Plans
  • Physical evaluation of the player T.P.I. TEST (Titleis Performance Institute).
  • Adaptation of the player's golf movement to his physical limitations.
  • Pain-free training.
  • Development of an Athletic plan (Strength, Mobility, Balance, Speed, Flexibility).
Swing Speed Development Plans (SuperSpeed)
  • Dynamic warm-up.
  • Speed Protocols Levels 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.
  • Advanced Protocols 1, 2 and 3.
Adult Academy

Lessons on the Course

Play on one of the most beautiful golf courses in Andalucía, and follow the advice of one of the most experienced and motivated teams of golf instructors you can find. Golf lessons on the course tailored to your needs with advice on your swing, strategy, routine, mental approach, scoring, rules and much more.

*At the end of this experience we will write a report on the mistakes and their corrections (IF REQUESTED BY THE CLIENT).

Strategic Plans on the Golf Course
  • Planning & Objectives.
  • Routines & Statistics.
  • Starting on the Course
  • Free rounds & Tournament Management
  • Mentality, Confidence & Attitude
Adult Academys

Clinics for Companies or Groups

The clinics are intensive golf lessons carried out by our professionals and whose purpose is to introduce in a fun, dynamic and educational way, basic notions of golf.

They are aimed at all types of companies and groups whose players want to have their first contact with the world of golf. We will make an analysis of their physical and technical abilities and, depending on the possibilities of each student, we establish different work alternatives, offering a series of courses adapted to the required level.

The different activities of the clinics are carried out on the Driving Range, Putting Green, Approach Area, and (if the players have sufficient level) on the course. Depending on the level, number of participants and objective of each group, we will adapt the space and price of each activity.

All clinics are personal to each group, so the duration will depend on the objective and number of players in the group. Renew and motivate your team with this programme that adapts to the needs of your company. We will encourage teamwork and the integration of different personalities during the classes. Ideal for everyone, as we do physical exercise in a relaxed environment and in nature. Aimed at stress management and improvement.

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