Baviera Golf

Juniors Academy

Baviera Golf has been recognised throughout the golf industry for its continuous and innovative work with children from an early age. It was one of the first golf schools in Andalusia to implement the prestigious TPI Juniors programme.

The TPI System is a world leader in research and data collection of golf skills, health and swing biomechanics. The certification of its professionals indicates that they have reached an optimal level of expertise in various avenues of training, Physical, Golf Specific and Juniors Assessments. On the latter, the children of the school learn with a DALP (Long Term Athletic Development) system that is carried out from the age of 5 or 6 years old until 17 years old. This tool is designed to develop a child's golf career from an early age through to university.

These programs are divided into two scales

"Active Start & Learn to Play"

We work on basic aspects such as functional stability, motor skills, speed, flexibility and basic golf techniques.

  1. T.P.I LITTLE PROGRAMME "Active Beginning" (from 4 to 5 years old).
  2. T.P.I KID PROGRAMME "Fundamental Phase" (6 to 8 years).
  3. T.P.I PRETEEN PROGRAMME "Learn to Play in the Field" (from 9 to 12).
"Train & Learn to Compete"

This is one of the most important phases, as this is when all the golf techniques are really acquired forever. Although they must already be in good physical shape, we continue to work on all their physical qualities as well as doing Power I, Speed II and Endurance work. In addition, they already play and compete at regional and national levels.

  1. T.P.I TEEN PROGRAMME "Train to compete" (from 12 to 15 years)
  2. T.P.I CHAMPION PROGRAMME "Learn to compete" (from 16 to 17)
  3. Finally, we have our specific courses for university preparation.

As the creators of these programmes say; "We create athletes, and then golfers".

Juniors Academy

Golf Courses

Active Start (4 to 5 years old) & KID Fundamental Phase (6 to 8 years old)

In this phase we focus on teaching 75% of the time the basic techniques of different sports.

  • Locomotion, functional stability, object control, balance, etc.
  • Agility, mobility, speed and changes of direction.
  • Control of their first clubs.
  • We introduce basic concepts of our sport. Grip, posture, alignment and ball placement.
  • Basic rules of safety and etiquette in the field.
  • Basic safety rules and etiquette on the course.
  • Simulations on the course.
Learn to play on the course (from 9 to 12 years old) & TEEN Learn to compete (from 13 to 15 years old)

In this phase all the previous techniques are perfected and we begin to introduce specific golf techniques. These kids must be in good physical shape, from these phases is when the golf techniques are acquired FOREVER.

  • We perfect all the previous points, more turns, jumps, speed II, mobility II and stability II.
  • Revision of the material they use.
  • We start using external weights, medicine balls, Swiss ball, dumbbells and weight waistcoat.
  • We train regularly in the field. (adapted to your distances).
  • Compete in tournaments and circuits in Andalucia.
  • Extensive knowledge of the rules of golf.
Training to compete (+15 years)

In this phase we train the children to reach their maximum potential. They will play at a high level in competitions: Regional, National or University level.

  • From this stage we increase the physical exercises, introducing conditioning aspects such as endurance, 3D integration, strength, stability and recovery.
  • They play regularly on the field.
  • In addition to having their equipment adjusted to their characteristics.
  • They know their distances with each club, stroke tendencies, and learn to improve mental and emotional aspects on the course.
  • They compete in tournaments and circuits in Andalusia and Spanish Tournaments Alevines, Infantiles, Cadets and Juniors.
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