Discover the golf revolution in Málaga: Toptracer Range arrives at Baviera Golf.

Welcome to a new era of golf on the Costa del Sol.

Baviera Golf, a haven for golf enthusiasts, is proud to announce the arrival of Toptracer Range technology at our facilities. This advancement transforms golf practice, offering a unique experience in the Málaga region.

What is Toptracer Range?:

Toptracer Range, a revolutionary technology used in major golf broadcasts, allows players to track the trajectory, speed, angle, and much more of each shot. This innovation not only improves the practice experience but also provides valuable data to perfect your technique.

Unique Experience on the Costa del Sol:

Baviera Golf is proud to be one of the few courses on the Costa del Sol equipped with Toptracer Range. This technology puts our practice field at the forefront, offering players of all levels an unparalleled tool to improve their game.

Toptracer Range

Advanced Features of Toptracer Range

Toptracer Range technology is the number one in golf, offering a range of game modes, real-time performance analysis, and personalized feedback. Integrated with a mobile app, it allows players to join a global golf community and save their practice data.

Benefits for Players of All Levels

From beginners to professionals, Toptracer Range offers benefits for everyone. Precise data and instant feedback help better understand each shot, making practice a more productive and enjoyable experience.

Integration with Mobile Apps

Connect your practice experience with the Toptracer mobile app. This allows you to save your data, track your progress, and compare your skills with friends and other players at Baviera Golf.

Eventos y Competencias

Baviera Golf will organize events and competitions using Toptracer technology, adding an exciting competitive dimension to your visits to the practice field.

Toptracer Range

The arrival of Toptracer Range at Baviera Golf marks a milestone in the golf experience in Málaga. We invite you to experience this revolutionary technology and elevate your game to levels never before imagined.

Join us at Baviera Golf and be part of the golf revolution on the Costa del Sol!

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